Friday, April 23, 2010

Vote to hold the WSAA Championships on the Saturday instead of Sunday was defeated as last week's WSAA meeting by 32- 31.

This is disappointing for the Splashers who voted in favour of the change and were looking forward to hosting some regional and interstate clubs at Bronte on the Sunday.  It is also a damning indictment of the way in which the WSAA continues to be dragged down by recalcitrant and outdated clubs that are tiresome, staid bastions of male chauvanism and chronic conservatism.

Anyway, quick invite from the Captain for all Splashers to attend this Sunday's Anzac Day Memorial March along the promendade at Bronte Beach.  The March starts 10.30am sharp. Maddy will play the last post again followed by toasting of Anzac day in the surf club. (we donate one of the kegs).

The Annual General Meeting proceeded very smoothly and a list of the new office bearers will be available on Season Opening Day.

For a look at what really happened at the AGM check out the Bronte Splashers' very own YouTube Channel here

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