Thursday, July 29, 2010

Week 13 Christmas in July Results

60 Metre
1. Rhona Fraser (0.03)
2. Dave Power (0.07)
3. Emma Finnerty (0.13)
4. Gayle Dundas (0.19)
5. Greg Reynolds (0.19)

30 Metre
1. Gayle Dundas
2. Warren Whillier
3. Rhonda O'Grady
4. Tony Natoli
Break Time: Kate Vesper

90 Metre
1. Michael Hendrie (0.05)
2. Lizanne Wilmot (0.08)
3. Wayne Ashley (0.09)
4. Michael O'Sullivan (0.10)
5. Brian Russell (0.13)

Thanks to Neil Buchanan for Christmas in July at the Bowling Club. Everyone was super organised with action down on the blocks at least one hour ahead of schedule. Unfortunately this meant about half the club missed out on a swim…..better luck this week when we’ll revert to a more laid back pace.

So, the bowling club. Things got fast paced on the bowling green with TAPE measures brought out to determine the winners, but Keith Blades was in winning form and no one else could get close.

Negotiations to get Wally Boon back into the Club were finally successful!

After our special celebration lunch, a decision was made to try and get the coffers up to scratch by inculcating the junior Splashers with a love of gambling. Didn’t quite work as planned, so we’re having a second attempt this Sunday with the introduction of SWIMBET.

Recommendations for the Riverina tour are coming in, with – thanks to Paul Ryan - the William Farrer Hotel seemingly the place to stay at only $45 per night for a single room. We’ll have to be sure to consult with Bronwyn Ashley on all decisions as turns out she harks from the Riverina, or Berrigan, to be precise.

Christmas in July crew - "Happy Days"

The Splashers website also received the following message from Quincy and his beautiful wife Karen who are currently thrashing out their Euro Holiday.

Message read: 


When run through a free 'Quincy Code' translator online it reads:

Good Day Splashers

Oh! The legs! The legs! As walking the city of Rome & Florence to all its Historical sights ,bars & restaurants takes some walking!

We also had a great time in Turkey, Greece, and South Italy- Positano, Capri & the island of Ischia- water temperature around 24 deg & 36 deg air temperature. Have not found a Bad Beer yet and the Reds taste as good as if an Angel was pissing on your tongue.

Off to the vine yards of Tuscany tomorrow which will make the tower of Pisa look ? Next stop Venice and the Gondalas before slipping into France.

We believe the winter has not been kind & the water freezing so I guess the B.B.Q is still going strong.

Swim On Splashers Swim On

Be Happy From Karen & Quincy

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