Friday, August 13, 2010

Sunday 1 August - Week 14


Rhonda O’Grady
Eliza O’Grady
Adrian Booth
B/T Emma Jago
B/T John Deady

Alex Ryan
Lizanne Wilmott
Adrian Booth
Brian Power
B/T Mackenzie Whillier (Ripped Off)
B/T Mia Clark

Jayden Whillier (That’s my boy) .05
Tony Natoli 0.09
Sally Turner 0.21
Warren Whillier 0.26
Andrew Hackworthy 0.26
Rowan McMonnies 0 .41


The Eastern Suburbs Legion Club has always been the venue of choice for the Bronte Splashers. We don’t go there looking for cutting edge décor, glamorous clientele, or sycophantic service, for we know these qualities are hollow, fleeting and unrewarding! Instead, what we look for and what we always find at the Legion Club, is an inspired dose of optimism and a fulfilling sense of camaraderie, fun and light heartedness that lock in one’s sense of being part and parcel of a vibrant, giving and worthwhile community. All this plus daring dance floor manoeuvres! The thrilling highs of the meat tray game of chance! Fast paced social commentary!

You can see why the Splashers choose to hang their hats there, and why, next Friday 13 August, the Splashers will be meeting to hold up and bar there, raise our flagging Legion Club profile, and drive the Splashers finances further into the red. See you there.


Life Member’s Day! Keith Blades has been busy collating the prizes for this Sunday so whether you are running the City to Surf or not, we look forward to seeing you in the park for presentation, and of course, at the pool if being jammed intoWilliam and College Streets with the masses doesn’t take your fancy.


Still waiting for a Splasher to put their hand up to host Don’s Party on the 21st, but on the 22nd, win lose or draw, the Splashers will be celebrating in the park with Richardson and Wrench GALA DAY where elite teams from across the Eastern Suburbs make their way to our much loved pool for some serious in your face take no prisoners hold no regrets no time for caps or goggles or talking on the blocks aggressive swimming.

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