Friday, August 13, 2010

Sunday 8 August - Week 15


60 Metre
Keith Blades
Warren Whillier
Katie Vesper
Gayle Dundas
B/T Martin Lynch

30 Metre
Adrian Booth
Ryan Davis
Peter Hoggett
Paul Turner
Mark Pullin

90 Metre
Liz Russell (0.04)
Max Sayer (0.04)
Rex Smith ((0.15)
Ray Hobby (0.17)
Brian Power (0.24)


Just as the forecast expected, it never rains on City to Surf day. Thanks to the life members who sponsored the prizes, one of which most appropriately went to life member Keith Blades.

It just wouldn’t feel like a Sunday if we weren’t dolling out cash and prizes to Keith Blades - whether it be for feats of prowess on the bowling green, questionable cheap beer deals, or for the 90 metre. Adrian Booth isn’t a life member yet but let’s hope he is a longer term aspirant. Val and Peter are brimming with smiles as grandparent-hood beckons – we extend our congratulations. Congrats also to Paul Ryan for his Father of the Year nomination.

The Splashers have no money to even pay the butcher, but we’re trying to stay calm about it. Everything hinges upon maintaining the loyal support of the Legion Club so we hope you can make it along this Friday to drum up their sponsorship. Col will be there.


At Saturday’s WSAA Meeting we have to submit our entries for the National Championships this year. If you want to be considered for a swim on 19 September, please write back to us with your name and date of birth. There will also be a small window of opportunity to submit your nomination in person on Sunday. Could you also let us know if you plan to attend the post swim function as we need to buy lots of dinner tickets that we probably won’t use.

Entries for the 19 September at Botany Pool are now being taken and close shortly.  

Please advise by email (or be prepared to advise on Sunday) if any of the following applies to you

1. You wish to attend the Dash for cash social function at Icebergs on Saturday 18 September

2. You wish to participate in the National Titles at Botany on Sunday 19 September (include NAME, DOB and AGE as at 19 September)

3. You wish to attend the post National Titles Social Function on Sunday 19 September.

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