Friday, May 27, 2011

Sunday 22 May 2011 – PLUMBER DOWN UNDER DAY

1 Andrew Hackworthy
2 Troy Quinlan
3 Paul Carter
4 Wayne Ashley
5 Lyn Murphy

60m Brace
1 Dave Hallinan / Ryan
2 Ray Hobby / Jayden
3 Greg Reynolds/ Paul
4 Jim Delooze / Mike

1 Peter Hunter .07
2 Warren Whillier .31
3 Greg Reynolds .37
4 Andrew Hackworthy .39
5 Tony Natoli .42

22 May 2011: Thank you Angus who sponsored last Sunday and opted for a 60 metre brace. This is the type of event handicappers chose when they want people more in the water and less asking questions - the swimming equivalent of the ‘who can be quiet for the longest’ game. The day ended with another afternoon of relaxing in the park, and Col ducking back and forth between presentations in the surf club and the park. Peter Ryan put in his first swim down at Splashers for the season and Andrew has started his campaign to spend lots of time on the stage again at this year’s presentation day. There were some defections over to Bondi for the Bondi Bluewater challenge – where Gayle and Ginny took out first and second place in their age categories respectively. Well done to them. Thanks to Sally Turner who submitted the attached photo of Adrian Rose – all members, winners or otherwise, encouraged to submit items of interest.

Adrian Rose: Winner of the 30m

Sunday 29 May: Managed IT Day: Ray Hobby is the sponsor for this week’s racing and plans are a foot for a big afternoon in the park this Sunday with his lovely wife Gayle. Ray has been putting in a lot of work to getting out website up and running, likewise Brad with the blog. Appropriately, given it will be the one year anniversary of Quincy’s farewell party celebrated in the boat shed last year, Whillie has cleaned out his cellar and sent down crates of wine sourced from highly regarded wine growing regions from across Australia. If will be a good afternoon to spend in the park/boat shed. That boat shed is like champagne on New Years Eve – alcohol goes to your head more quickly.

There is a god: The reason we know this is that this photo of the Splashers serving up the beachside entertainment both before and during the start of the South Head Roughwater swim has materialised. Words were never going to do the spectacle justice although even a photo doesn’t capture the slow motion car crash desperation that marked the beginning of the end. The rest of the days’ events already went viral at the BSBLSC Ball last week. You can spot the three of them huddled around the boat. It was a sight.

Step Up: We have some key Committee members taking leave of absence at various times this year. Not all have adhered to Splashers’ best practice provisions and informed us 24 months in advance like Mr Blades. Where there is risk, there is also opportunity so put your hand up if procurement, preparation or presentations are on your list of things you’d like to get involved with down at Splashers.

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