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Week Two Results 2011 – RUSSELL FAMILY DAY

Sunday 8 May 2011 – RUSSELL FAMILY DAY  

Mother's Day Brace
1. Fiona Botella
Ben Botella
2. Ginny Hedderman
Eleanor Ryan
3. Gayle Dundas
Laurie Power
4. Liz Russell
Kim Russell
5. Mackenzie Whillier
Sue Rogers
6. Mia Clarke
Katie Vesper
7. Lyn Murphy
Teana Tana

60 Metre
1. Stewart Carlyle
2. Matt Carter
3. Brian Russell
4. Dave Power
5. Jayden Whillier

30 Metre
1. Laurie Power
2. Warren Whillier
3. Mackenzie Whillier
B/T Eleanor Ryan
B/T Matt Faddy

90 Metre
1. Liz Russell 0.01
2. David Power 0.03
3. Peter Hoggett 0.10
4. Emma Finnerty 0.18
5.Brian Power 0.25

8 May 2011: Mother's Day was celebrated at the pool this week with a special Russell Family Day Mother/Child brace event. First prize went to Ben and Fiona Botella, which seems appropriate as they are actually related. The other relations, Liz and Kim Russell, had their fourth place compensated with a win for Liz in the 90 metre by 0.01 of a second. Very impressive.

The Whilliers' results also show they clearly got more swimming done in Scotland than expected. The Committee met this week to plan the year's calendar of events. We have lawn bowls, Christmas in July, Club nights at the Legion Club once a month, Gala Day and a seafood extravaganza all on the agenda. Scott Carr is the Committee member recruit of the year after his call for a special day celebrating our 90 Year Anniversary with the 90 metre to be the premiere event that day. Also Splashers, remember, we have a committed gear manager in the form of Keith Blades who keeps us all sartorially resplendent so see him if you would like to be in club colours when you are in the pool, or stay warm with a Splashers jacket when you are not! The Committee is also putting in a lot of work to get as many members as possible travelling down to Wagga for 16 September National Winter Swimming Titles. Accommodation and transport arrangements are being made so see John Hobby our chief co-ordinator to lock in a spot. Next week is brought to us by our favourite local Café Favoloso. You will see on their website that they are looking for a kitchen hand! They are new sponsors so be sure to show your support and mention you are a Splasher when you visit. 

Season Calendar  
A draft Season Calendar is attached further to the Committee meeting held this week. Please review and provide feedback to the Captain – particularly if your name appears as a sponsor!

Committee: Copies of the Minutes prepared by the Secretary from Committee meeting Tuesday 10 May are below for your information. Comments and feedback welcome. ________________________________________

Bronte Splashers
Committee Meeting
Tuesday 3 May 2011
Bronte R.S.L. 6.30 p.m. 


ATTENDEES:  Les Kay, Keith Blades, Emma Finnerty, Brad Preston, Scott Carr, Greg Geiges, Martin Palfrey, John Hobby Warren Whillier, Col McDermid
APOLOGIES:  Kiel Smith (Council meeting), Matt Carter (waterpolo work commitments). 

Confirmation of club list of elected representatives 2011 – 2012:  Col advised that due to oversight at the AGM we were running off the 2009 list of officials, and this resulted in Len Welsh being omitted for nomination as Social Secretary.  Col had apologised to Len who was willing to stand and the current committee endorsed the appointments now shown on the Club records of elected office bearers.

Update on Annual Report:  
(a) Emma advised  that the list of elected office bearers has now been up dated on the annual report for 2010 - 2011 season and will be put on the website by Ray Hobby
(b) Emma advised that she has to submit the annual statement of accounts to the to the appropriate Government body and will do so next week
(c) Emma advised that Ray Hobby will make 2010-11 annual report available on our web site, and members can read and have access to it at that site. She also said that she had printed off some more hard copies as some members do not have access to the internet. Anyone wanting a hard copy she approach Emma.

Avenues of communication to members for this season.
(a) Spectator:  It was agreed that our Publicity officers Emma and Brad see that a weekly report is put in the local paper to recognise our sponsors.  Col noted that the first 2 weeks this had happened and that persons had commented on these reports in a positive way as it helps promote our sponsors.  The photo’s in particular draw attention to our article.  Thanks to Emma’s work so far in this regard.
(b) Web Site and Blog:  The committee noted that Brad and Ray Hobby had done work on both these means of communication.  The principal form of communication should be our web page or our blog   Discussions are taking place between Emma, Brad and Ray to see what is the best means of use of this media, to up date weekly events, race results, and display photos.  The Committee thanked all of three persons for their hard work in this regard, as it brings in line with modern communication systems.
(c) Weekly Newsletter The committee agreed we should try and continue the weekly newsletter, as again it helps keep the club up to date on a weekly basis, especially for those that can not make it each week.  It gives the race results and also promotes our sponsor for the day.  Again the photo’s are great
(d) Sponsors Board at Beach:  Keith has agreed to up date the board with our current sponsors and we all agree that it should be displayed each week for the public to see who supports our club.

(a) The committee discussed the make up of our yearly program, and discussed which sponsors had come on board for another season.  A draft program was approved by the program.  A few sponsors have to be followed up, but generally most weeks are filled:   Emma is to confer with Warren and prepare the draft as agreed, and then send to the committee for comments before sending out to all members.  It should be noted that the program is always subject to change, and new sponsors can always be accommodated

(b) Magnetic Swim program.  A sample of Icebergs swim program which can be attached by magnet was on show but committee agreed that will not do one for our club, as our program is subject to change and the members have access to the internet to print out a program for the year if they want one.

(c) Updating program and results:  Brad said he would confer with Emma and Ray to update the results each week on all of our communication sources, and could even do this on the day if he has his computer available, but at least can be updated early each week.

(d) First Months Program (May of each Year)  Les suggested that the first months sponsors and program should be put together before the season begins, to ensure all know of the events and to confirm all sponsors for that first month are on board or filled.  Depending when AGM held this can be done by outgoing committee or if new committee have time to meet.

(e) Weekly Trophies.  Keith advised the committee that it is not to be expected that the Club gear was always available or on hand to provide weekly trophies for sponsors.  For example stocks are currently low, so the swim committee should confer with sponsors before their weekly swim to see if they have their trophy or they want the club to provide the items.

(f) John Botella Sponsorship weekly Towels:  Keith advised that John has again agreed to continue his sponsorship of the weekly 90 metre towels.  John and his family have been a terrific financial support to our club over the years.  Keith advised that last years stock had been used and that new ones were in the process of being ordered.  The meeting agreed on the new colours of that towel.

Firstly a general discussion took place around the table about the venue, numbers expected to go, uniforms and accommodation before the following was determined..  It was generally agreed that until we know numbers it is hard to make any real firm plans.

Accommodation:  It was agreed that we take all accommodation currently available and booked at the William Farrar Hotel:  This is accommodation for about 14 persons in beds but hotel has no problems in rooms sleeping more if they bring own blow up beds etc.  Until we know numbers we can not say if this is enough or need more.  Emma to confirm this accommodation arrangement.

Transport.  Brad and Scott had air fares that are currently available for flights. (current price about $120.00 one way)  Rail transport vide XPT to Melbourne works out at $75.45 one way or $150.90 return (but less for those on senior cards)  Hire of bus can not be explored at this stage but last time we took small bus to Stockton it worked out about $1200 for hire and petrol:  (but this is longer)  7 hour drive.  Col said some may drive and then stay on and play golf at some of the courses along the Murray before returning.  All are viable options for travel but agreed to defer travel arrangements until we get definite numbers.

Tour Co-Ordinator.  John Hobby has agreed to be the co-ordinator for the trip, and will begin next week talking up the trip and inform members to contact him if they show an interest to go  By our next meeting we should have a better idea of the interest being shown.  Persons thinking of flying though should make their bookings privately as soon as possible, as we imagine the demands for these flights will be high, especially for the ones wanting to return to work for the Monday.

Club Funding:  Any question of funding or costs for individual members can not be settled at this stage until we know how many are going, so this issue deferred.

Tour Uniform.   Keith has indicated that he has a proposed rugby jumper that he is going to show members on Sunday.  It was agreed that we will need some more T shirts:  Sponsors will be sought for this trip, but again until numbers known we will have to defer that.  Keith also noted that the cost of a lot of our uniforms are increasing for example - current swim caps and swimmers.

(A) Price $5.00 lunch:  General discussion took place about catering and the very very cheap lunch that is provided.  It was generally felt that the club never intended to make a profit from this item:  It was noted that the beer/wine prices were increased a few years ago to maintain the price.  The balance sheet still shows this item comes out about square each year, so it was decided at this stage to keep the cost at that price HOWEVER it is expected that on large catering days eg pig on the spit and sea food days – that the price will rise accordingly, to cover these extra costs.  It was noted it was still possible to maintain this level whilst ever we had the generous sponsors we still have.

(A) New Sponsors:   It was noted that Favoloso Restaurant has again generously donated coffee vouchers to the value of $35.00 per week (which over 20 weeks amounts to $700.00 per year) which is a very generous offer.  Thanks to Paul and Tracie Ryan for organising these vouchers.  We have been using these as part of our weekly raffle we draw for those that attend the BBQ.  So it really is a give away to members as no money is directly generated for the club.  Col said that in recognition of their support he will sponsor this week’s swim in honour of Favaloso’s support.  Trophies will be two food vouchers at their Restaurant.  It was also noted that Brad is getting married in August and that he, Kiel and Scott will sponsor a day on 3rd July.  It could be a buck’s day out.

(B) Clubs Birth date/or when Founded: Discussion took place as to the year the club was founded.  Our logo on our weekly Newsletters says 1924, but others believe the true date is 1921.  Col produced 2008 – 2009 annual report which had an article on our history. He read it out:
In an article in the paper around this period in 1921 it was reported as follows
  “At a meeting of the Splasher Club members presided over by Mr. Tom Cubitt,, a well know manager of boxers, it was decided to have impromptu lectures every Sunday morning, while members enjoyed their sun baking and swimming.  The subjects to be chosen are to include both sporting and hints for handy men.
Next Sunday Mr. Harry Kelso will speak on “how to play water polo” and Mr. Les Bond will give a short demonstration of how to keep clocks in good working order. As these members are experts in these matters, members may look forward to a pleasant hour.  The subjects for subsequent lectures will be announced from time to time”

Col said he would follow up the date and the article with Waverley library, and Les said he would investigate the Surf Club history book which also had some dates mentioned of the Splashers existence.  If it was 1921, then this would be our 90th Year, which should be recognised:

Scott Carr recommended that we should have a swimming event  and promotion on the 7th August (Club Championship day and call the event “90 metres for 90 years swim”  We should look for a sponsor as it could generate a lot of interest from some of the older and former members of the club to organise a reunion.  At this stage we have pencilled in this celebration day into our calendar.

MEETING ENDED:  8.30 p.m.

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