Sunday, May 16, 2010

Cracka Hardy Memorial Day Results
16th May 2010

30 Metres Final
1- Matthew Carter
2 - Wayne Ashley
Chloe Faddy (Broke Time)
Lizanne Wilmot (Broke Time)
Emma Jago (Broke Time)

60 Metres Final
1 - Nick Seale
2 - Steve Burns
3 - Greg Reynolds
4 - Paul Ryan
Mackenzie Whillier (Broke Time)

90 Metres Nominated
1 - John Hobby (0.28)
2 - Adrian Booth (0.38)
3 - David Magnusson (0.41)
3 - Andrew Hackworthy (0.41)
5 - Stuart Carlisle (0.51)

16 May 2010:  Sharon wrote to the Splashers to express her thanks for running the memorial day. To quote Sharon: 'John would be thrilled.  As John always said, the best people belong to the Winter and Summer Bronte Swimming Clubs.'  Very true.  The Splashers always give back when they can.   

Kevin Walker Memorial Day:  Word is we’ll have some fierce competition in the pool this Sunday as the Walker family make themselves available for some relays.  Be down early on Sunday to get your name down for a relay team. 

Updates: We still haven’t heard back from all our Sponsors to confirm they are happy with their proposed day.  The Committee is working hard to bring a range of different ideas to the events calendar this year and an array of new prizes are being ordered this week. There is a push on to have Committee meetings moved to Friday nights so we can leave a paper-trail across the bars of Bronte. At least that way someone somewhere will be able to do the Minutes.  If you want to be in the running for a Splashers prize, make sure you’re financial (the main reason for this is insurance and a new cross checking process is being instigated by those dogs with a bone Ryan and Hobby). PS: the $2 swim entry fee each week for each swimmer (not each race – bargain!) remains payable in Australian decimal currency only. 

The Quinlans: Brian and Karen are jetting off overseas and this is their last weekend for a while down at Splashers. Don’t expect to see everyone’s favourite lemon chicken for a while, but don’t plan anything for Sunday afternoon either, as we all put in a last ditch effort to decipher the Code and buy Quincy a drink. The man deserves to be shouted a thousand for his superlative work on the BBQ. Also there's 11,000 reasons to kick onto the surf club after putting a dent into the Splashers reserve stocks. 

Don't forget to vote on the polls. The big questions need answering.

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