Friday, May 14, 2010


It is good to be back Splashers!

As I chow down on my oversize bowl of popcorn I ask myself is there any better way to spend a Sunday than to head down to Splashers swim the obligatory three laps (the 90 is for dribblers) and then gorge myself on some of the finest cuisine money can buy?

If there is, I don’t want to know about it because Splashers already has me won!

Firstly, a big thanks to the Russell family for sponsoring the day. Love your work.

Another beautiful day met the faithful for the Mothers day instalment of Splashers 2010 and wasn’t it a ripper.

The traditional mother-child race was hotly contested with the Russell family even importing their Kona bound daughter Kim for the race. Okay, maybe importing is a big stretch but Kim used to be a regular till she moved down to the ‘vortex’ which is the Shire. Soon she will be wearing St George jerseys and explaining to anyone who will listen how the Dragons don’t ‘choke’ there is just a conspiracy against them or some other run of the mill excuse which those muppets come up with. Come back to the light Kim! Come back to the light!

Yours truly lost the results sheet last week after falling asleep on the couch watching the Roosters show just how awful they are against the hapless Cowboys. I awoke to drool all over my face and the results sheet MIA. So I’ll do my best.

Off the top of my head I know some cheat got 0.00 in the 90 metres. Seriously, turn it up. From memory it was a relatively new member as well. Many believe once you have achieved the dead on then you ascend to another place where you no longer adhere to time and space. Hope you have a nice trip! Say hello to Barry White for me mate. In all seriousness congratulations but you have in no way changed my mind about attempting the 90 metres!

Rex Smith and James Vesper took out the brace which makes me think that someone doctored last week’s website poll results of who is the biggest fox. Kiel Smith was a clear winner but we all know who the best is. I wonder who doctored the poll?

Don Campbell won the 60 metres and to his credit he nearly swam through the wall on the final lap. I hope the win was worth it Don because you’ll now have to make up another second. Sucker.

This Sunday is Cracka Hardy Memorial Day. I encourage all punters to get down and pay tribute to a man who truly embodied the spirit of the Bronte Splashers. I didn’t know him intimately but I toured with the man. On many occasions he had to deal with a bus load of drunken invalids abusing him for his driving. Looking back I think Cracka just wanted to get the team home safely.

So get down, raise a glass, or a thousand, to one of the great Splashers.

Another big thank you must also go to the men on the BBQ. Your service is normally lost in a haze of noodles and sausage but to you I tip my hat.

Just don’t make the same mistake as I always do punters and fill up on sausages! 

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