Friday, May 28, 2010

60 Metres

Ben Botella
Troy Quinlan
Cam Mercer
Wayne Ashley

30 Metres
Mackenzie Whillier
Tony Aston
Greg Reynolds
Troy Quinlan
Cameron Mercer

90 Metres
Tony Morrison (0.14)
Brian Quinlan (.38)
Ally Hunter (0.44)
Gayle Dundas (0.63)
Caroline Noller (0.91)

Dreary conditions met the 'true' Splashers last weekend but there was still a solid turnout to pay tribute to club  legend, the late Kevin Walker.

A big thank you to the extended Walker family for making the trip down and taking out the relay, good to see you all. Do be strangers now ya hear!

No real surprises in the results this week and the big names all featuring again. Whillier, Botella and Morrison all taking home the chocolates with impressive swims.

Along with paying tribute to a former club legend, the day was also a final goodbye for Brian and Karen Quinlan who trudged off over to Europe for an extended stay.

Mother nature seems to always throw obstacles in front of the Splashers on big weekends but once again we gave mother nature 'the bird' and came through with flying colours.

A big thank you to Kiel Smith who shouted the bar when he forgot that he already paid his membership and deposited another $10 into the till. The crowd quickly devoured his extra $10 worth of beers and abused the hell out of him for it. This bloke was our former treasurer! He is still spitting venom about losing the tenner but me thinks he isn't short of a quid.

Another big thank you to the imbecile who made everyone who was still sitting in the boat shed skol icy cold red wine.

I don't really remember who it was but I am going to blame Scott Geoffrey Carr.

Don't forget if you haven't paid your membership then you will be fed scraps of this weekend's BBQ and you will have to to breaststroke in all of your races. 

And if i see anyone not paying their $2 swim donation there will be WWIII.

I am sorry this is a rather short talk up but I am currently dealing with emails from so called 'Rugby League experts' who think Jason King should be in our Origin side for Game Two.

You heard it first here, if he is selected I will be tempted to resign my position. He is a mutant.

Love Youse All.

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