Thursday, June 3, 2010



30 Metre
Katie Vesper
Len Welch
Peter Hoggett
Ray Hobby
Keith Blades

60 Metre
Katie Vesper
Wade Byrnes
Peter Appleyard
Peter Ryan
Michael O'Sullivan

90 Metre
Lizanne Wilmot (0.15)
Ben Nguyen (0.42) 
Eliza O'Grady (0.54)
Paul Turner (1.20)
Andrew Hackworthy (1.37)

The Splashers Committee is clearly still in situ at Bronte - not the Maldives as was planned up until the $12000 windfall failed to come our way.  But we did still enjoy a glimpse of lady luck when the forecast cyclone failed to come our way on Sunday (although conditions were still rough enough to warrant dispensing with the lane ropes and to throw out everyone’s 90 metres). But luck had no role in the smashing triumph of Ms Vesper (vegemite toast for breakfast I bet) as she easily took out the 30 and 60 metre quinella. Maybe that isn’t the correct term, in fact, maybe that would mean that she came first and second in the same race? Greg? But if you won the 30, 60 and 90, wouldn’t you call that a trifecta? ENOUGH! But speaking of gambling, WHO’S THE PUNTER who decided to pay for their drinks with an April TAB ticket?! I will be heading to the green machine soon to check and, if we win, Ivory Pegasus can be our new mascot.

The starters did a great job down on the deck, managing time trial-ers and crashing waves, while Jayden kept his eye out for the endearingly diminutive Billy Hunter. Martin is probably not even hobbling after the 10km soft sand run at Bondi Beach, and the 50 Metres in the Nelune Foundation Relay. But maybe from the 1000 schooners he committed himself to after.  Sorry to miss Keith M, but he was on football duties. Dave M has brought his daughter, Emma, back to the Splashers fold. Can Col lure his Emma back from NZ to do the same?  

We have a few opportunities available in the Splashers calendar for 2010.  Any new members who think that the $10 membership fee is in inverse proportion to the FUN and want to try their hand at running a day with prizes and events, put your hat in the ring.   

This Sunday will be brought to us by the Power Brothers from Carpet Biz and Carpet Power.  Word is, they will be doing a carpet laying demonstration and setting us up with a presentation catwalk. And now they are committed to it. IF YOU NEED NEW FLOORING YOU CAN CALL THEM. Too easy! In their honour, we’ll have a special 90 metre event. Anything to make life harder for Angus. One lap form stroke and 2 laps freestyle – in that order. 
It’s a tragic sight to watch Mr Welch breaststroke up the pool each Sunday, before he gets to the good part of the day (washing up). No one wants to hear the words rotator cuff. So there are some exercises attached (all the way from Western Australia where their favourite ocean swim is 20km!). 

QUINCY UPDATE: Update from Col McDermid on the Quinlan’s travels. Quincy and Karen have left Turkey.  They were on that Turkish boat of relief workers that was raided by the Israeli's at sea the other night, but he is safe after warding off the troops and then acting as "negotiator" and using the "Quincy Code of Peace" he was able set up peace talks at the United Nations. Go the  'Quincy Code '  A true "freedom fighter".

LONG WEEKEND MADNESS: For those of you looking for something to do on the long weekend here is my plan for success.

Sunday 9.30am - Pay $2 and sign on for Splashers
Sunday 12.00pm - Lead assault on BBQ 
Sunday 6.00pm - Still lead assault on BBQ and beers
Monday 4.30am - Cheer Socceroos home against Ze Germans.

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