Saturday, June 26, 2010

Bankrupt the Splashers long weekend


Pipeline Plumbing 90
1. Len Welch (0.07)
2. Neil Buchanan (0.10)
3. Lizanne Wilmot (0.12)
4. Ginny Hedderman (0.15)
5. Max Sayer (0.44)

Palfrey Plumbing Skins
1. Matt Carter
2. Cameron Mercer
3. Chris Hutton
4. Harry Gatt
5. Jayden Whillier

60 Metre Hobby
1. Greg Reynolds
2. Rhonda O'Grady
3. Tony Natoli
B/T. Katie Vesper
B/T. Lizanne Wilmot

PALFREY PLUMBING AND HOBBY PLUMBING: Big thanks to Martin and JH for their concerted efforts to re-balance the books on Sunday, and for JH’s genius accounting which somehow made him think he was drinking for free! And of course to Col who put in a marathon catering effort on the day and then didn’t stop working until the sun was well gone on Sunday evening. It was a big day. First up, disappointments - there was someone with a video camera at the Charing Cross Hotel, and Graham Kerr and Brad Preston - our stalwart of the long weekend - were MIA. But in good news, there isn’t another long weekend until October, Les was down, Val Hoggett was in situ to receive her pink champagne, Peter Hoggett and Brian Russell remain friends after being entered in the same heat, Scott Carr has been signed on for another season as the face of David Jones, and John Hobby’s new status as a family man paid off as he did a few makeovers while his brother put his hand up to help (read ‘do everything’) with the website. Annabelle Carter successfully stared down the long arm of the law while her brother outwitted and outswam a field of Splashers that failed to walk the fine line between too slow and too fast in the Palfrey Skins Event! Some of the trailers were spared by break times, notably by Miss O’Grady who took our last female out of contention, but, as ever, it was a great spectator event, ably captured in photosby Rhonda. Len Welch was in fighting form to take out the 90 metre, after a week of late nights diligently reciting the Australian National Anthem in preparation for his impending citizenship ceremony tonight!

Skins specialist Matt Carter holds the trophy aloft 

Checking the Splashers archives, I can happily advise that some things never change as the photos, the suspects, the poses and the behaviour was all EXACTLY the same as last year! I guess its not surprising given our commitment to the lifestyle manifesto of Swim, Drink: Repeat.

Martin has been collecting names for interested Metrops participants for the past couple of weeks. If you’ve put your name down, and you’re entered and paid for, its always the icing on the cake if you come along ready to swim on the day. Martin + Band + Dance Floor = always worth a day at Icebergs.

If you want to wear them, piss off to the Ice Bergs.

JUNIOR RELAY: With so many excellent Junior Splashers dominating the results these days, we’re calling upon parents to help us put together a ten a side Junior Relay over at Icebergs. Lily and Amy Delooze, Bella and Ally Hunter, Mackenzie and Jayden Whillier, Alex and Eleanor Ryan, Emily and Georgie Ryan, plus a multitude of others who perhaps are less shy and retiring, but just as fast and enthusiastic, put your hands up! We are putting our entries in on Monday 21 June so could all those dedicated parents let us know if they feel like traipsing over to Icebergs on Sunday 11 July before we put our entries in this Monday?


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