Friday, June 11, 2010

Sunday 6 June – Brian Power Carpet Biz Day

30 Metres
1. Greg Reynolds
2. Andrew Hackworthy
3. Harry Gatt
B/T Fiona Volpatti
B/T Richard Ede

60 Metres
1. Rhonda O'Grady
2. James Hudson
3. Warren Whillier
4. Benson Hodgson
B/T Len Welch

90 Metres
1. A Hackworthy (0.12)
2. Ray Hobby (0.25)
3. Paul Carter (0.50)
4. Liz Russell (0.62)
5. Chris Hutton (1.03)

CARPET BIZ - Thank you to Brian Power for sponsoring last Sunday and for keeping the Bronte Splashers happily supplied with Carpet Biz pens. Congratulations and many happy returns to Laurie who turned 13, and, I am advised by her father, is the first person coming out of Ireland who can swim butterfly.

PALFREY SKINS 30 METRE + HOBBY PLUMBING 60 METRE + PIPELINE PLUMBING 90 METRE This Sunday all the Splashers favourite things come together: PLUMBING and PUBLIC HOLIDAYS. Oh, and there will also be some very competitive swimming, with a pledge already received that the Skins Trophy will be returned – regretfully - from its current keeper Matt Faddy on Sunday morning. That’s all. There is all Sunday to talk rubbish!

See you down at the beach - Hobby and Skipper will be doing their best on what they are calling 'bankrupt the Splashers day'. Can two men drink the Splashers into the red?

Get to the beach to find out!

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