Saturday, June 26, 2010

Club Champo's

Apologies Splashers for being a bit behind the times.

A certain comment made by A. Johns has made my last fortnight resemble that of the French soccer team's assault on the World Cup.


30 Metre
1. Ally Hunter
2. Brian Power
3. Mark Pullin
B/T. Jayden Whiller
B/T. Neil Buchanan

90 Metre
1. Andrew Hackworthy (0.05)
2. Wade Byrnes (0.08)
3. Adrian Booth (0.27) Towel
4. Emma Jago (0.29)
5. Val Hoggett (0.33)

QUAY THERAPY DAY: Club Championships. Another reason to be at Presentation Day! Southern Metrops entries are in thanks to hours of political wrangling and complex calculations by Martin who made the hard decisions in the best interests of the Club. Relay teams are being coordinated so clear your diaries. List to be sent out with names of relay team members. It was only day THREE of being an Australian, but already that pervasive 'she'll be right' attitude had its grip on Len Welch. No show for his weekly breaststroke demonstration lap!

 No show for his washing up responsibilities! Len, the washing up isn't a right, its a privilege! That said, all reports from the Ceremony were that your rendition of the National Anthem while playing a chair as a bagpipe was immensely moving. Fingers crossed we'll have some pictures soon.

Hot on the heels of Origin humiliation, inter state rivalry was compounded this Sunday. Rhonda was swimming with the St Kilda Serpents down in Victoria, Whillier made his dreams of being in Queensland widely known, and we're going to lose Annabelle for Icebergs day in favour of waterpolo in Victoria!

What was the other news? Oh, the Surf Club badge draw. Here's hoping that Estimates Committee isn't called to explain the repeat offending 100 each week on surf club donations. I am sure Sure SURE we will get a return soon. I mean, let's just catch a ride on Peter Ryan's luck. He walks into, ok, fair enough, we all know Peter doesn’t walk, he shambles, into South Juniors and scores himself $6000! Someone's in the know however, as two days into him having his licence back, a new TV show called RBT has started up. If they combine THAT footage with the C.X.H footage from last weekend, the Splashers are in for some major publicity.

Turning to the results in the 30 metres. Despite repeated assurances that she was 'only here for the bbq', this week's 30 metre saw first place awarded to Miss Ally Hunter. Given that the girl has gills, its not that surprising until you realise she has basically lost a second a week since the season started. So congratulations to her. Not just for her swimming, but for a charming acceptance speech in which she, clearly mindful of the relationship between our financial reserves and the quality of the prizes, first remembered to thank our sponsors!

Talking of sponsors leads us to the day the Bronte Splashers, Fast Skins, FINA, the WSAA and CONTROVERSY came to blows. Loyal members and sponsors both, Fiona Botella and Ms Quay Therapy Bours, met with the wrath of pool deck officials by appearing in their World Masters' Games suits for the Club Championships. They were both good sports about their disqualification and have now, appropriately, set their sights on New Dehli.

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